Study Guide

Moments after Cain told mankind's first lie, "He started it," bloggers were all over him and the news spread like wildfire. (The internet was still made of wood back then.) Things are no different on our modern-day, electric web, which is where we came across the following resources. You might find them helpful if you plan to attend our next show.
Note: Please do NOT bring Biometric Eye Scanners or ERP detectors to the performance. We'll have plenty of those things to go around for everybody.
How To Spot a Google Search:
How to Spot a Liar: Chief Security Officer Magazine
How to Spot a Liar: Palm Beach Post
How to Spot a Liar: Time Magazine
How to Spot a Liar: Time Europe
How to Spot a Liar: Dr Phil
How to Spot a Liar: AskMen.com
How to Spot a Liar: BBC News
If you're in a hurry:
How to Spot a Liar--Fast!: Lifetime TV
If you like lists:
10 Ways To Spot A Liar: Sellsius Real Estate
10 Ways To Catch A Liar: AOL Health
If you like lists and you're in a hurry:
5 Ways to Spot a Liar: CareerBuilder.com

More helpful resources:
Can You Spot a Liar?: Reader's Digest Quiz
Find a Polygraph Examiner