P.I.T. Stop!

Well, last night's Liar was all we hoped it would be and more. About half an hour more, actually. The J-team (Jeff, Joanna, Josh and James) told stories ranging from how to pump new life into your old teddy bears to how to pump formaldehyde into your old cadavers. Of course when you're having that kind of fun, time flies. And it flew right past 9:00 when we were supposed to finish and then past 9:30, when the next show was supposed to begin. So we moved our Q&A and voting segments out to the P.I.T.'s lobby. After a spirited elbow-to-elbow inquisition, ballots were cast and we found out exactly how gullible you people can be. Only four audience members picked out the Liar so I saved a bundle on free t-shirt prizes. Thank you Joanna, for appearing so trustworthy while being so full of it.

As for running long, in the future we will add a mechanism to help enforce the 10-minute story limit. An alarm clock perhaps--or a small explosive device. Thank you all for coming. And if you won a shirt, wear it in good health. The $5,000 check is in the mail.

See you on November 13.