A Truly Unbelievable Show

Once again, four of NYC's fastest talkers will do what you parents couldn't: make you shut up and listen. And unlike Mom and Dad, only one of them will be lying to you.

James Braly has performed his autobiographical stories on NPR, at The Whitney Museum and The Moth. His show, "Life in a Marital Institution," is currently in development with Hal Brooks, director of "Thom Pain (Based on Nothing)", a finalist for the 2005 Pulitzer Prize. The book version will be published in 2007/8 by Algonquin Books.

Brooke Delaney
is a frequent Moth Slam champion, and has told her stories, both true and false, at the Nyuorican, KGB Bar, Teleplhone Bar, Quinnipack Club, Parkside Lounge and Junno's. Her survival schemes have included working as an assembly-line factory worker, cigarette-girl, television producer, house cleaner, instructor to univerisity students, kindergartners, & illeriate appalacian miners.

Greg Walloch is a writer and performing artist who has appeared in Moscow, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Australia, Ireland, Germany and across the United States. He is a featured artist in The Artists with Disabilities Oral History Project at UC Berkeley's Bancroft Library. Greg's work is archived at the Bancroft Library, which houses the personal papers of the Beat Generation poets among a range of other well known artists.

Noah Harlan is a writer, storyteller, filmmaker, teacher and producer. Films he has produced have appeared in Cannes, Berlin and MoMA among other places. He is a frequent storyteller at The Moth and teaches filmmaking to kids. He is co-author of "Mind Your Manners, Dick & Jane", a post-modern exploration of truth and meaning in a society without borders... no, that was a different book, this is a children's manners guide... which came out last fall from Penguin. "He's smarter than he looks" - Princeton High School 10th grade pre-calculus teacher Marcia Djorup.

So please come to the PIT on Monday and figure out which one of these nice people is full of it. Bring sticks or clubs for the post-show "Beating of the Liar."