November 3rd Dinner Special: Baloney

We have an exceptional lineup at Cornelia Street Café next week, so stop by for a bite and listen to some stories that are hard to swallow. I'm excited; you should be too. Because this'll be a really good one. Not that they're not all good. I mean, all our storytellers are totally excellent--but this one is especially gre... Oh, forget it. You can't win with these artistic egos.
Winners at this show will receive a free ticket to
our big
November 29th show at Comix!
Saturday, November 3th @ 6:00 pm
29 Cornelia Street (bet W 4th & Bleeker)
$12 - includes one drink.
Watch a sample video
Expose the fraud among these big talkers:
Mike Daisey ("The master storyteller." - New York Times)
Mark Katz (Former Bill Clinton speechwriter)
Ophira Eisenberg (Comedy Central; US Magazine's Fashion Police)
James Braly (NPR; 2007 Edinburgh Fringe)