Babbling Brooke

So, who was lying? Did Greg really have to beg one of NY's Finest to free him from a locked Tompkins Square Park? Did Noah really find a stupefyingly anti-Semitic ghost under someone's bed? Did James really attend a skating party for all of Denver's institutionalized teens? Was Brooke really a "Shooters" waitress/escort code-named Dorothy? Well, I guess that picture up there is kind of a give-away. My t-shirt reserves took a big hit when about one third of last night's audience pegged her as the Liar. Nice going, geniuses. I've got to start ordering cheaper shirts.
Don't miss our "Very Special Liar" this weekend:
Saturday, January 27 @ 6pm
Cornelia Street Cafe

29 Cornelia Street (bet West 4th & Bleeker)
$6 + one drink.

Mike Albo (author of The Underminer)

James Braly ("A master storyteller." - Jonathan Ames)

Ophira Eisenberg (Comedy Central's Premium Blend)

Andy Christie ("Who?" - Stephen King)

This will be the first of our monthly Liar shows at Cornelia Street. Please come help us start with a bang.