Saturday, May 26: Lichtenstein Arts Center

Liar is goin' up the country again with these fine, if untrustworthy people. Say hello to the next Fabulist Four. They're unbelievable.

James Braly has told his stories on Marketplace and NPR. He is a two-time winner of the Moth GrandSLAM and a featured performer on The Moth National Story Tour. His monologue, “Life In A Marital Institution,” will soon will be published by Algonquin books. www.JamesBraly.com

Greg Walloch
is a writer and performing artist who has appeared in Moscow, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Australia, Ireland, Germany and across the United States. He is a featured artist in The Artists with Disabilities Oral History Project at UC Berkeley's Bancroft Library. Greg's work is archived at the Bancroft Library, which houses the personal papers of the Beat Generation poets among a range of other well known artists. www.gregwalloch.com

Darlene White
's stories and essays have been heard on NPR, WAMC Northeast Public Radio, and the PA system at Karen's Tanning Salon in Melbourne, FL. She produced a storytelling show in the Berkshires called "Jupiter Supersized,. and has performed with Mouthpiece and SpeakEasy. In NYC Darlene won a Moth Slam at the Nuyorican Cafe and bombed at the Roxy.

Albert Stern
developed and staged two one-person shows, "Let Me Digress..." and "Well, I Hope You're Happy" at Westbeth Theater Center. His monologues have appeared on New York public radio and his work has been cited by the NY Post, Time Out New York, and Playboy, and has appeared recently on Fresh Yarn. He is co-founder of the storytelling group Mouthiece.

Saturday, May 26 @ 8pm
28 Renne Avenue
Pittsfield, MA