Double Negative

A lot goes into putting on a show like this. First you've got to ask the performers if they're available. Then you've got to write down their names. But even with all that elaborate preparation and planning, occasionally things will fall through the cracks. Like remembering to note who'll be telling the lie.

So, Monday's show was an Extremely Special Liar (on the heels of January's Very Special show and February's Very Very Special show), because there were two liars on the bill. Which meant that even if you weren't paying attention, even if you don't speak English, or you're deaf, or a chimp, you had a 50-50 chance of picking a winner. And you did. A lot of you.

Adam and Peter shredded the truth with stories I won't describe, in case they want to tell them again at a "true-story" show. Margot and Dave were super-honest about super-stubborn baby teeth (Margot: "I lost my virginity before I lost my first tooth.") and being hired to write sex-and-drug crossword puzzles for America's armed services (Dave.) Congratulations to all the winners, you should be very proud of your wild guesses.

Coming March 17: the Insights & Revelations Performance Series presents an Extraordinarily Special Liar in Pleasantville (I hear it's nice there.) With Mike Daisey, James Braly, Michaela Murphy and Peter Lubell. Check back for details.