June 7: Strings Attached

I'm sitting here trying to justify that headline. I don't know why I wrote it, but now I'm stuck with it. How's this? One performer toured with De La Guarda, that show where people flew around dangling from straps, or strings, if you will. Number two in the lineup is a string bean. I'm not kidding. Wait'll you see him. The female to his right must have a string bikini lying around somewhere. And lastly, the guy in the glasses is a journalist, so he may be, or will be at some point, a stringer for some newspaper. Anyway, come to the show and guess which one of them is stringing you along. By the way, TimeOut NY made our May 24 show a "City Pick" and we had an insanely jam-packed house, so call for reservations - it could happen again.

Saturday, June 7 @ 6:00 pm
29 Cornelia Street (bet W 4th and Bleeker)
$12 - includes one drink.
Eat, drink and be gullible.
Reservations recommended: 212-989-9319

Joanne Solomon (De La Guarda; The Moth)
Ryan Britt (Nerve.com)
Michele Carlo (Mr. Beller's Neighborhood)
Jim O'Grady (journalist; dance king)