You Take The High Road. We'll Fly Continental.

It's the Scottish flag. Beautiful, isn't it? Simple & elegant. Like our show. And the reason it's here is that this Sunday, July 27, we head to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the entire month of August. Check in here to see how things are going for us across the pond. You know, no offense to anyone, but I hate that expression; nevertheless people seem to use it a lot, and now so will I. (Wait till you hear the insufferable accent I come back with.)

Update 1 (NYC, Sunday): Our 10:15 PM flight is delayed almost 3 hours, until 1:03 AM (288 minutes, stated in the airline's delay-minimization-speak.) The optimist in me can deal with that. As long as it's not delayed for an entire month (43,200 minutes) we will arrive in Edinburgh in time to do a couple of shows. Look out world, here we come. Pretty soon. Fingers crossed.

Update 2 (NYC, Sunday): Delayed till 2:10 AM. Look out world, here we come!