Liar Tells the Truth

Liar's own Andy Christie won his third Moth Story Slam last night. It might not mean much to you but he's pretty happy about it because now he'll have the opportunity to lose his third GrandSLAM at the Players Club.

And thanks to Ned Vizzini for his shout out. Buy all his novels at Amazon.


Iraq? Lebanon? John Mark Karr? Who Cares?

A piece about the NY storytelling scene appears on the cover this week's Our Town Downtown. It is lavishly illustrated with pictures from the last Liar show and features The Moth, Mike Daisey, Dave Dickerson, James Braly, Speakeasy, Mouthpiece, Andy Christie and more of the usual suspects. (text only version)


P.I.T. Bull

THE P.I.T. - 8/15/06
Thanks to everyone who came to our sold-out premiere at The PIT. And congratulations to the nine geniuses who spotted Andy as the Liar and walked away with a fashionable "I'm Not Bald" hat. I just did the math and it appears that about 85% of the audience wasn't too swift. Better luck next time. If you couldn't make the show (or were one of the unlucky people sent to the wrong address by a rogue email) these are the people you missed:

Mike Daisey, called "The master storyteller" by the NY Times. He will be presenting his new monologue about truth and the likes of James Frey & JT LeRoy, "TRUTH (the heart is a million little pieces above all things)" at Ars Nova, October 5th to November 4th Thursdays and Saturdays at 7pm.

James Braly, NPR & NY Press contributor and two-time Moth Grandslam winner. His "Life in a Marital Institution" squeezes 20 years of monogamy into one terrifying evening at Dixon Place, September 20 and 21 at 8:00 pm.

Joanna Parson , writer, actress and comedian. She appears in the sitcom "Temps" debuting at the New York Television Festival, September 12 through 17th. She's included in "The Complete Idiots Guide to Jokes," out in September, and she'll appear in Transport Group's fall production of "All the Way Home."

Andy Christie (Mr. Beller's Neighborhood, Really Small Talk) was both the host and the liar of the evening. Congratulations to all you geniuses who pegged him and won a fabulous "I'm Not Bald" hat.

Check back soon for information on the next Liar.