Four Horsemen Of The Apocryphal

It won't be the first lie you hear in 2007 (that would be your new year's resolution), but it will be the first one you pay to hear. Come help us dig out the January snow job with these fine people. (By the way, this morning's gas attack was a flash in the panic. Chelsea is back to smelling like a petunia and the show will go on.)

Mike Daisey has been called “the master storyteller” and “one of the finest solo performers of his generation” by the NY Times for his acclaimed monologues, 21 Dog Years, and The Ugly American, among others. He’s a commentator for NPR’s Day To Day and a contributor to the NY Times Magazine, WIRED, Slate and Salon. His new monologue, Invincible Summer, will be running at the Public Theater from Jan 18 though Jan 28. mikedaisey.com

Lucy Baker has written for a lot of free newspapers and online journals. She is a columnist for reallysmalltalk.com, and was recently featured on Public Radio's Weekend America. She lives in Brooklyn, and is currently at work on procrastinating.

Sara Barron has made her mark on the NYC cultural scene, melding her interests of performance, comedy and writing, and venturing into the fields of stand-up comedy, solo performance and competitive story telling. Barron was a finalist in the Connecticut Comedy Festival and has been a three-time Moth winner. sarabarron.com

Martin Dockery is a frequent storyteller at the Moth slams, and has competed in the Moth Grandslam three times. He’s appeared at other such venues as Speakeasy, Talking Stick, Mouthpiece, and others. He’s just returned from a few months in China, Mongolia, and Canada, much to the relief of his dog.

January 8, 8pm at The P.I.T. 154 W 29th Street (between 6th & 7th Aves.) $5


I Could Have Told You That

Our March line-up: Monkey, Rooster, Frog, Butterfly, Christie.

New York Times, 12/26/06:
Devious Butterflies, Full-Throated Frogs and Other Liars
By Carl Zimmer
If you happen across a pond full of croaking green frogs, listen carefully. Some of them may be lying... read article.


"I swear, honey, he was my cousin."

After witnessing the ease and skill with which Ophira Eisenberg deceived the vast majority of last night's Liar audience, I have to wonder how secure her boyfriend feels. I imagine he does lots of, "Okay, now look me in the eye and tell me the truth," followed by long, skeptical, probing silences.

Funniest line: "In Canada, they're pretty lenient about smoking pot. I think the punishment for possession of a kilo is you have to share."

Meanwhile, Xeni, James and Martin were totally honest about grad school, groupies and prostitutes, in morally descending order. Nice. Check out our January 8th show with Mike Daisey, Sara Barron, Lucy Baker and Mark Katz.


Tonight at Eight

Come figure out which one of these nice people is full of it. If you're right, win $45,000* and a t-shirt.

12/4/06 @ 8PM (doors 7:30) $5.00
154 W 29th Street
Between 6th & 7th

Martin Dockery: With dramatic roles in films such as Presumed Innocent, Regarding Henry, Patriot Games, The Fugitive, Clear and Present Danger, The Devil's Own, and Air Force One (to name just a few), it's no wonder Dockery is one of the most respected actors of his time. Revered as a sex symbol by women worldwide, the person behind the most beloved heroes in film's history is regarded as an excellent role model by both sexes. Dockery is married to screenwriter Melissa Mathison and is the father of their two children (he divorced his first wife with whom he also has two children). He's also very, very good friends with Calista Flockhart.

Ophira Eisenberg is a stand-up comic, writer and actor. She has appeared on Comedy Central's Premium Blend and as part of their Fresh Faces of Comedy campaign, and also Vh1’s Best Week Ever, All Access, Oxygen Network, Discovery Channel’s Lost Treasures of the Deep and appeared in her own half hour special on CTV’s Comedy Now! (Canada). She is also a contributing writer to US Weekly’s Fashion Police. She co-produces Sweet Paprika every Friday night at the D-Lounge, beneath the Daryl Roth Theatre. www.ophiraeisenberg.com

James Braly has performed his autobiographical stories on NPR, and at The Whitney Museum, The Long Wharf Theatre and The Moth, where he is the only two-time winner of the GrandSLAM, a finalist in the national "What's Your Story?" contest sponsored by TNT, and a featured performer on The Moth National Story Tour. His monologue, “Life in a Marital Institution,” directed by Hal Brooks, played recently at Ars Nova. Please visit www.JamesBraly.com

Xeni Fragakis is a writer and past winner of the Moth GrandSLAM Championship. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, and she is a frequent guest of the Speakeasy Storytelling Series at Cornelia Street Cafe and Night and Day. She is currently slaving away at a book about living and teaching in Iowa.

Andy Christie’s I Wasn’t Kidding (Random House), explored the funny side of suicide. Not surprisingly, it died on remainder shelves many years ago (though it is still available at Amazon.com in the original papyrus edition.) But he lives on, onstage, online and on the pages of snooty literary journals. He has been a featured performer on the Moth’s Mainstage and will join them in New Haven on January 26. For the past six months he’s been working on page 123 of his book, Sicker! The Movie: A Novel.

*Subject to change.