Monday, Oct 2: D-Lounge D-Lizards

Borowitz, Daisey, Murphy, Braly and host, Christie

We have a stellar lineup for Monday, October 2nd at D-Lounge. Prepare to be lied to by one member of this fast-talking quartet:
Humorist and commentator Andy Borowitz (borowitzreport.com) is a regular contributor to The New Yorker, NPR's Weekend Edition, CNN's American Morning and author of numerous humor books including The Republican Playbook, Who Moved My Soap? and The Borowitz Report Big Book of Shockers. He is the winner of the first National Press Club Award For Humor.

Mike Daisey ("The master storyteller.” - NY Times) has toured the country and the world with his monologues, Great Men of Genius, Monopoly and 21 Dog Years (the story of his time spent working for the internet giant Amazon.com.) The book inspired by that monologue is available on--what else?-- Amazon.com. His newest show, about truth, lies, James Frey and J.T. LeRoy, is called TRUTH: The heart is a million little pieces above all things, and will make its NY premiere at Ars Nova on October 5th.

Michaela Murphy has told her stories at The Moth NYC (Mainstage, Story Slams, and The Trio Network, 2006 National Tour) Hearsay, Fired!, Speakeasy Stories, Second Stage Theater(Off-Broadway Show,) The Atlantic Theater (with Lewis Black,) Studio 360w/ Kurt Anderson, NPR (All Things Considered,) The Whitney Museum, The Center for Architecture, Brooklyn Academy of Music, and Lincoln Center. Michaela’s work as a playwright and actor has been featured at Manhattan Theater Club, The Ensemble Studio Theater, LaMAMA Theater, The 52nd Street project, The Aspen Comedy Arts Festival, and the Clinton White House. She just shot the TV pilot Turning Points and currently is writing the young adult series Things I Learned In Charm School and a memoir, The Green Monster. Michaela is moving to Seattle, WA this fall for love.

James Braly has told his stories on NPR, at the Whitney Museum and at The Moth, where he’s the only two-time GrandSLAM winner. Called “a master storyteller” by writer Jonathan Ames, James will be performing his full length show, Life in a Marital Institution at Dixon Place on September 20th and 21st.

The evening's host, Andy Christie, is co-author and illustrator of I Wasn’t Kidding (Random House), a book that explored the funny side of suicide. Not surprisingly, it died on remainder shelves. But he lives on, onstage, online and in snooty literary journals. He has been a featured Moth Main Stage storyteller and is currently working on Sicker! The Movie: A Novel. If he were pitching a Hollywood agent, he'd call it, "Cain & Abel meets Entourage," but he won't stoop to that.
Join the party, have a drink, spot the liar, win a prize:
Monday, Oct. 2, 8pm

101 East 15th Street
Union Square
$8.00 (plus 2 drinks)
doors open 7:30


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Note: Please do NOT bring Biometric Eye Scanners or ERP detectors to the performance. We'll have plenty of those things to go around for everybody.
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