Trust Me, I Lie

Well, we built it and they came. On Saturday, despite an unpropitious showtime of 6pm, Cornelia Street Café was packed with people, drinking, schmoozing and looking to nail somebody. No, not like that. I mean looking to spot the Liar.

And spot him they didn't. Only two hyper-perceptive audience members got it right, because I was lying this time and as my girlfriend says, I'm disturbingly good at it. Ophira, James and Mike all were gleefully honest about, 1: Boyfriends with Garfield The Cat obsessions. 2: Fear of flying, dogs and prison. 3: How to trick your schizophrenic roommate into pay both halves of the rent.

If you were there, thanks so much making our Cornelia premiere so much fun. No kidding. And if you enjoyed yourself as much as we did, please come see our first all-woman* Liar at The PIT.

Monday, February 12 @ 8pm
"Who's Your Mommy?"
Christen Clifford
- "Best of Fringe" -2006 San Francisco Fringe Festival
Michele Carlo - AKA Carmen Mofungo
Ophira Eisenberg - Comedy Central's "Premium Blend"
Darlene White - NPR, The Moth

*Well, all women and me.