Week One: Must Sleep

Monday: Woke up early this morning, having the living piss scared out of me by one of Edinburgh’s picturesque and loud as fuck seagulls. Snapped from a dead sleep to heart-poundingly alert at 5:10 by a sound eerily like that of a shrieking baby crash-landing on my window sill, possibly a flaming baby, possibly being torn apart by demons. But no, just a bird. "Tweet tweet." Also, went leafleting on Royal Mile.

Tuesday: See “Monday”

Wednesday: See “Tuesday”
Also, had a lovely breakfast of mature cheddar and eggs with piping hot coffee. I prefer to wait until at least sunrise before having my morning meal, nevertheless it was quite nice sipping a cup by my bedroom window and staring out through the pre-dawn murk, watching the graceful swoop and soar of the gulls, listening to their musical “Caw! C-A-W!!”
Also, downloaded PDF of UK Firearms Form 107: “Application for a Visitor's Shot Gun Permit.”

Thursday: Discovered firearm possession requirements are substantially more stringent here than in the U.S., where checking the “I Promise I Am Not Angry At Anyone” box will usually suffice.

Friday: See “Monday,” “Tuesday,” “Wednesday”
Also, neighbours across the road insisted I remove the web of taught razor wire I had strung up during the night between our buildings, baited with rotting bits of fish.

Saturday: Leafleting mainly, but found time to shop for a net, plastic bags and a hammer.

Sunday: Slept soundly. Woke up refreshed. Rinsed off hammer. Took out trash. Mopped bathroom floor. Coffee and toast at noon. Also, leafleted Victoria Street. Lovely city.