Who You Lookin' At?

Looks tough doesn't she? That might be why so few audience members risked calling Michele a liar. She is a liar, of course. I mean, look at her.

Ophira, Christen and Darlene all stuck to the facts with true stories about 1: Valentines Day in a porn palace. (No topping on my popcorn, thank you.) 2: Daddy in the delivery room, and 3: Learning to love Elvis. "The King is fat, long live the King." I hope we see you at out next show. You won't believe it.
Monday, March 5 @ 8pm: The P.I.T. 154 West 29th Street
Adam Wade
Margot Leitman
Peter Lubell
Dave Dickerson
This weekend, listen to Dave's puzzling story on This American Life